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Healthy is anything but boring


Hi I'm Zoe, and I am passionate about food photography and getting creative in the kitchen! As a former college swimmer and nutrition...

Who I work with...

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Braden Keith.

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

"What's really important about her

work with Swim Swam is that Zoe

has made whole-food based

nutrition accessible for millions of

athletes. As somebody who's

worked with Zoe, I can attest to her

professionalism and enthusiasm to

do her work really well"

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Rachel loseph,

CEO, Rachel's Brand, LLC

"Zoe is super energetic and knows her

audience well. She is very easy to work

with and does an awesome job! I truly

appreciate her creativity and I highly

recommend working with her!"

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Nadine Habayeb,


"Zoe is a hardworking woman!

Her positive energy and dedicated

work ethic are exactly what you

want in a fast growing, small

team like ours. Her community

engagement and outreach

has been a huge help!



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